P 100-8210 M Savi Mono Wireless Headset by Poly

The Savi 8210-M Monaural Wireless Headset allows you to seamlessly manage your calls across three different connections with the press of a button! Manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single premium headset Filter out background noise with active noise canceling (ANC) (model Savi 8220) Listen to [...]

P 100-8220 M Savi DUO Wireless Headset by Poly

The Savi 8200 series UC headset provides effortless call management across multiple devices. Tune out nearby noise and keep every conversation secure, private, and clear with close conversation limiting noise cancellation. Manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single premium headset Filter out background noise with active [...]

P 100-8245 M Convertible Wireless Headset by Poly

Are you multi tasking and need to be accessible by phone? The Savi 8200 series wireless headset by Poly offers triple connectivity! With a second hot swappable battery that charges at all times, you'll have unlimited battery talk time for professionals with heavy phone use! Includes a headband, ear hook [...]

P 107-210 Office Mono Wireless Headset by Poly

Wireless monaural DECT headset system for desk phones. Enjoy a comfortable fit and secure conversations with this DECT headset. Compatible with Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cable that allows remote call answering/ending with ring alerts (sold separately) Roaming range of up to 120 m/400 ft from headset base Up to 12 [...]

P 107-220 Duo Wireless Headset by Poly

This binaural wireless headset gives you a comfortable fit while allowing you to focus on your phone call, even when working in close quarters. Hands-free productivity with a roaming range of up to 120 m / 400 feet from the headset base Up to 12 hours of talk time Flexible [...]

P105-40 Convertible Headset by Poly

Plantronics legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the Savi P105™ Series. The new system features a convertible headset, streamlined design and improved performance all with the same renowned reliability. New look, improved performance, same reliability. Fall in love all over again with [...]

P105-40-1XD 900MHz Wireless Headset System with HotSwap Battery by Poly

The Plantronics CS545-XD Wireless Headset was designed to address wireless density issues, so that more wireless headsets can be used in the same space while maintaining clear conversations. Using 900 MHz technology, the CS545-XD provides up to 350 feet of range, and includes a convertible headset with a hot swappable battery [...]

P100-L-13 Hook Switch Cable for Cisco Telephones by Poly

Electronic Hook Switch- communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter. Part numbers for various phone systems are listed below. For Cisco Phones: 6945, 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G, 8841, and 8845 Part Number: P100-L-12  


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