Headsets that meet stringent military guidelines.

For almost four decades Clear Choice Headsets & Technology has been selling technologically advanced solutions to all branches of the military and the Department of Defense (DoD).  As the sole distributor of Starkey headsets, we offer military compliant products that are TAA and NDAA 889 compliant, and in full compliance with the Memorandum on Collaboration Peripherals in Secure Spaces. Headsets with our Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature meet the most stringent government compliance protocols, making them ideal for secure and inline call control for non-secure spaces.  Our portfolio includes one and two ear models, and cords are available for all connection types.



Solutions for various healthcare environments.

The pandemic has changed the healthcare industry in many ways, including working from anywhere.  As this new work style continues to proliferate, Clear Choice Headsets & Technology provides a wide selection of commercial grade wired and wireless headsets to meet the needs of various business environments, from the front office to the call center.  Our noise canceling microphones ensure extraneous sounds from busy healthcare facilities do not impact communications.  Also, our headsets offer secure communications, ensuring the patients’ private information is not compromised.  With our conferencing solutions, remote workers can be seen and heard regardless of their location.


Public Safety

Trusted headsets for critical communication.

Clear Choice Headsets & Technology provides the market’s most durable headsets, specifically engineered for critical communications professionals.  Our solutions are used by police, fire, and emergency center dispatchers globally.  As the sole distributor of Starkey Headsets, we offer leading-edge solutions, which are built with the health of the inner ear in mind.  Users experience crystal clear communications all day, a comfortable form and fit, and less ear fatigue.  Our headsets not only make the work environment better for public safety professionals, but they also help to make the world safer for everyone.


Transportation and Logistics

Crystal clear communication in noisy environments.

Employees in the transportation and logistics industry require headsets with special features.  Clear Choice Headsets & Technology provides communications solutions that overcome the challenges of these demanding and often loud environments.  Our wide selection includes headsets that are not only ideal for dispatchers in call centers, but also for warehouse and distribution center personnel, and even air traffic controllers.  We supply feature rich, durable headsets with noise canceling microphones, designs that alleviate ear fatigue, and even custom, handcrafted earpieces for that perfect fit.  Our products ensure you are giving your employees a superior voice experience even in their demanding industrial environments.

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