Plantronics P207-75USB Audio Proccesor

Corewell Health Code: AURS1-DA75
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Advanced audio processing Noise at Work and G616 support Enhanced noise-canceling and echo management Transmit Noise Suppression Quick Disconnect (Qd) Make/Break Detection

Plantronics P100 L 76 EHS Cable for Computer Remote Answering

Corewell Health Code: AURS1-APU76
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EHS Cable for Alcatel Phones & Polycom Phones

Alcatel Phone Models 8028s/8058s/8068s/8078s/8088

Plantronics P 100-L-2-CISCO-SIDECAR

Corewell Health Code: P100-L-2-Cisco Sidecar
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Use Plantronics adapter to extend the APC-4/APC-40/APC-41 audio input to reach the headset jack on the phone.

Plantronics P105-40-EB Ear Bud Kit

Corewell Health Code: AURS1-CS540 EB
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  • Eartip w/ Earloop Kit
  • For CS540 headsets
  • Includes 1 small, Medium, Large Earloop & 2 Eartips

Plantronics P305-R-DIRECT A10 Direct Connect Cord for H Series Tops

Corewell Health Code: P305-R-Direct
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Easily connect a Plantronics H-series headset to most headset-ready phones via the headset port with the A10 cable.

Plantronics P300 Y Cord with Mute

Corewell Health Code: P300
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The Y training cable with Quick Disconnect (QD) connector enables you to connect two headsets to one phone or audio processor. It includes a mute switch which enables you to mute either headset. The cable is 7 feet long and the branches to QD's are 9 inches.

Compatibility - This adapter is compatible with the following products:

  1. QD amplifiers, such as the M12, M10, M22, MX10, M12 LUCM, A20, and S20
  2. Polaris and H Tops headsets*
  3. DA series adapters for USB ports*
  4. Avaya/Lucent HIC and HIP cables

Plantronics P304-G Amp Cord for Cisco Phones

Corewell Health Code: P304-G
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Coiled cord connects any H-Series headset with Quick-Disconnect plug to compatible Plantronics amplifiers, or phones with compatible headset ports.

Plantronics P100-P-LIGHT On Line Indicator for Savi700 & CS500 Series Headsets

Corewell Health Code: P100-P-LIGHT
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Plantronics on line indicator light notifies your co-workers when you are using your Savi 700 & CS500 series headset via a led indicator.

P100-L-13 Hook Switch Cable for Cisco Telephones by Poly

Corewell Health Code: AURS1-EHS 43
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Electronic Hook Switch- communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter.

Part numbers for various phone systems are listed below. For Cisco Phones: 6945, 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G, 8841, and 8845

P105-40-PB Replacement Battery For CS540

Corewell Health Code: AURS1-CS540 RB
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Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset Unit Replacement Battery